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In summer 1999 I was very surprised to find the name of Terry Lovejoy of Australia - a well known visual observer of comets - mentioned as the discoverer of comets which were found in data of the SOHO spacecraft. I started to look occasionally at the real time images which can be found on the net but did not find anything. Then, in January 2000, I started to search more thoroughly and found my first SOHO comet on January 29, 2000. Since then I have found a lot more - most of them together with other amateurs from all over the world.

Most of these comets are members of the Kreutz group. More about SOHO's comet discoveries can be found on the Sungrazer Homepage by Doug Biesecker and on the BAA Homepage by Jonathan Shanklin.

SOHO comets discovered to date: 40

All comets are members of the Kreutz group if not stated otherwise.

No. Disc. Date IAU designation   SOHO des.  Discoverers
               MPEC link                    Notes / Images
 1  01/29/2000 C/2000 B6  (SOHO) SOHO- 98   Maik Meyer, Terry Lovejoy, Jonathan Shanklin, Michael Oates
 2  01/31/2000 C/2000 B7  (SOHO) SOHO- 99   Maik Meyer, Terry Lovejoy (The discovery story.)
 3  02/05/2000 C/2000 C4  (SOHO) SOHO-101   Maik Meyer (ESA Press Release, Marsden group comet)
 4  02/26/2000 C/2000 D3  (SOHO) SOHO-105   Maik Meyer, Kazimieras Cernis
 5  03/04/2000 C/2000 E1  (SOHO) SOHO-107   Maik Meyer, Michael Boschat, Tim Harincar, Michael Oates
 6  04/01/2000 C/2000 F1  (SOHO) SOHO-110   Maik Meyer, Jonathan Shanklin (Image)
 7  06/14/2000 C/2000 L4  (SOHO) SOHO-135   Michael Boschat, Maik Meyer, Xavier Leprette (Image)
 8  06/19/2000 C/2000 M3  (SOHO) SOHO-147   Maik Meyer
 9  06/22/2000 C/2000 M4  (SOHO) SOHO-158   Maik Meyer, Michael Boschat (Image)
10  06/26/2000 C/2000 M7  (SOHO) SOHO-164   Hartwig Lüthen, Maik Meyer (Image)
11  06/28/2000 C/2000 M6  (SOHO) SOHO-166   Maik Meyer (Image)
12  07/01/2000 C/2000 M9  (SOHO) SOHO-167   Maik Meyer (Image)
13  07/08/2000 C/2000 N2  (SOHO) SOHO-173   Maik Meyer, Pavel Shkreby
14  08/22/2000 C/1996 E2  (SOHO) SOHO-201   Maik Meyer (Archival comet of Mar 10, 1996. Image)
15  08/25/2000 C/1998 F2  (SOHO) SOHO-202   Maik Meyer (Archival comet of Mar 27, 1998.)
16  11/18/2000 C/2000 W3  (SOHO) SOHO-247   Maik Meyer (Image)
17  12/20/2000 C/2000 Y6  (SOHO) SOHO-277   Maik Meyer (Image, Fainter fragment found by S. Hönig. Non-Kreutz comet.)
18  09/05/2001 C/2001 R3  (SOHO) SOHO-348   Maik Meyer
19  12/04/2001 C/2001 X5  (SOHO) SOHO-378   Maik Meyer (GIF animation, noise substracted)
20  12/06/2001 C/2001 X6  (SOHO) SOHO-379   Maik Meyer, Xavier Leprette (GIF animation with Mercury, noise substracted)
21  02/04/2002 C/2002 C3  (SOHO) SOHO-388   Maik Meyer
22  03/04/2002 C/2000 B8  (SOHO) SOHO-405   Maik Meyer (Archival Meyer group comet)
23  03/25/2002 C/2002 F3  (SOHO) SOHO-416   Maik Meyer, Xavier Leprette
24  04/26/2002 C/2002 H6  (SOHO) SOHO-432   Maik Meyer
25  05/07/2002 C/1998 X12 (SOHO) SOHO-440   Maik Meyer (Archival Kreutz group comet)
26  05/23/2002 C/2002 K5  (SOHO) SOHO-448   Maik Meyer
27  06/06/2002 C/2002 L2  (SOHO) SOHO-456   Maik Meyer
28  06/07/2002 C/2002 L4  (SOHO) SOHO-458   Maik Meyer
29  11/19/2002 C/2002 W4  (SOHO) SOHO-548   Maik Meyer
30  12/05/2002 C/2002 X8  (SOHO) SOHO-568   Maik Meyer
31  06/05/2003 C/2003 L4  (SOHO) SOHO-623   Rainer Kracht, Maik Meyer
32  12/20/2003 C/2003 Y1  (SOHO) SOHO-711   Maik Meyer (Meyer group comet)
33  05/24/2004 C/2004 K8  (SOHO) SOHO-789   Maik Meyer
34  05/25/2004 C/2004 K10 (SOHO) SOHO-791   Maik Meyer
35  11/14/2004 C/2004 V14 (SOHO) SOHO-863   Maik Meyer
36  03/28/2005 C/2005 F3  (SOHO) SOHO-932   Maik Meyer
37  05/06/2005 C/2005 J4  (SOHO) SOHO-952   Maik Meyer
38  12/10/2006 C/2006 X5  (SOHO) SOHO-1229  Maik Meyer
39  05/26/2007 C/2007 K12 (SOHO) SOHO-1314  Maik Meyer
40  04/29/2008 C/2008 H7  (SOHO) SOHO-1460  Maik Meyer

Not confirmed objects (mostly because of not enough images for orbital calculations):

U01 Possible Kreutz comet in C2 on April 01, 1996. (3 or 4? images)
U02 Possible Kreutz comet in C2 on April 03, 1996. (2 images)
U03 Possible Kreutz comet in C2 on April 10, 1996. Image. (2 images)
U04 Possible Kreutz comet in C2 on April 13, 1996. (1 image)
U05 Possible Kreutz comet in C2 on March 27, 1998. (3 images) 
(Images courtesy of the SOHO/LASCO consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.)

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